About Find My Government

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A Geo-location app for showing administrative, emergency and political information about this place. It starts the map with your current location. Showing the information that belongs to the current location. You can move the map pointer to find local information of that place. Kono is developed just for Indian citizens.

User Problem

Not able to know who to contact when there is a problem in delivery of govt services or goods.


The project is for bringing technology driven awareness of the government that works for us all around us. Besides just a few politician names, the density of this information is normally totally absent from the citizens. This information is not for just increasing our knowledge (and look smarter during political arguments), but to make us act on it. Get us accurate contact details of the administrative staff that is available for us to ask help from. To help us citizens get information, distance, direction of about nearest available emergency services based on my physical location. Not just for Urban users but more importantly for Rural users. Have realtime immediate access to addresses, phones and names of Officers for various essential departments. Also know the full details of Public Information Officer for these departments and the First Appellate. 

It will start as a mobile friendly web app running on browsers of desktops or mobiles. The prototype is already ready to use without the need for registrations. It also supports multiple languages, starting with English and Hindi. Some part of data is already available with GIS polygons. Some part needs to be cleaned up for use. Most data has to be fetched. This is a country-wide project.

We here tend to focus less on the political parties and their internals. We focus more on the representatives after they have been elected and taken the public office. As elected representatives, they are responsible towards all of us. We should not hesitate approaching them while they are in office, regardless of their background or our own preducises.


First Phase

The first phase to launch by year end (December 2017). It will include all the government elected officials in state assemblies, and lok sabha. Will have Names, Phones and Office Address of all I.A.S. District Commissioners, Health, Sanitary, Education, Election Staff. Will also have geo-mapped major government hospitals for each 700+ districts. Geo-mapped distances to nearest state and national highways.


The later phases will go deeper to map block and village level government officers. Also on reaching more language UIs. Also include rural health centers and much more data.

What does this app do?

It is supposed to bring your government to you.

  1. All who have been elected in your area.
  2. All who have been appointed to administer in your area.
  3. The difference between the two of them.
  4. Know the nearest emergency services available to you.
  5. Where you should go to ask different types of information (a.k.a. RTI).
  6. Know the nearest location of important amenities.

What more?

  1. Awaken you to take control of your government.
  2. Make your government responsible towards you.
  3. Make you responsible citizen between elections.
  4. Motivate you towards helping your society.
  5. Fall in love with India


More than developing the software, we need to collect and cleanup data that we have to link geographically. Some data is already neatly available. More has to be cleaned. Most of it has to asked for.


  1. Your are standing in
  2. Village Name
  3. District Name
  4. Nearest City, km
  5. Nearest Post Office
  6. Nearest Bus Terminal
  7. Nearest Railway Station
  8. Nearest Pharmacy
  9. Population Density

Administrative Officers and Address, Phone

  1. Block Development Officer
  2. Chief Development Officer
  3. Booth Level Officer
  4. Dist Commissioner Officer
  5. Dist Count


  1. Elected village level officer, Year Elected, Due
  2. MLA, Party, Year Elected, Due,
  3. Lok Sabha MP, Party, Year Elected, Due
  4. Rajya Sabha MP, Party, Year Elected, Due


  1. Health Center
  2. Dist Civil Hospital
  3. Emergency Address, Phone


  1. State Highway
  2. National Highway
  3. Bus Stop
  4. Bus Terminal
  5. Railway Station
  6. Airport


  1. Primary School
  2. Higher/Secondary School
  3. Govt College


  1. Agriculture:
  2. Markets: