Jagtial Assembly Constituency, Karimnagar, Telangana

Contesting Candidates of Nizamabad, Telangana - Loksabha Elections 2019

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See list and details of all contesting candidates on myneta.info

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See list and affadavits uploaded by all contesting candidates on affidavitarchive.nic.in

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CandidateElection Symbol/Party
Rapelly Srinivas(Affadavit)Independent
Jaidi Chinna Gangaram(Affadavit)Independent
Enugu Mallesh(Affadavit)Independent
Sama Thirupathi(Affadavit)Independent
Nomula Gopal Reddy(Affadavit)Independent
Thirupathi Reddy Pannala(Affadavit)Independent
Venkatesh Kola(Affadavit)Independent
Dharmapuri Arvind(Affadavit)Bharatiya Janata Party
Bharatiya Janata Party
Gangareddy Rikkala(Affadavit)Independent
Praveen Padigela(Affadavit)Independent
Linga Reddy Santha(Affadavit)Independent
Rajareddi Rikkala(Affadavit)Independent
Gangadhar Andheti(Affadavit)Independent
Eleti Rajareddy(Affadavit)Independent
Aleti Laxmareddy(Affadavit)Independent
Loka Subhash(Affadavit)Independent
Venkat Reddy Jaidi(Affadavit)Independent
Santosh Komamula(Affadavit)Independent
Baddam Rajeshwar(Affadavit)Independent
Aleti Malla Reddy(Affadavit)Independent
Nagulapalli Devendhar(Affadavit)Independent
Lingapuram Bhumeshwar(Affadavit)Independent
Raja Venkat Reddy Pashapu(Affadavit)Independent
Baddam Balaraju(Affadavit)Independent
Gangareddy Mailaram(Affadavit)Independent
Mahendhar Musku(Affadavit)Independent
Suman Maggidi(Affadavit)Independent
Velma Mallareddy(Affadavit)Independent
Edamala Ravinder Reddy(Affadavit)Independent
Devanna Pindi(Affadavit)Independent
Goskula Mahesh Babu(Affadavit)Independent
Eleti Swamy Reddy(Affadavit)Independent
Santosh Barla(Affadavit)Independent
Gaddam Rajeshwar(Affadavit)Independent
Mallareddy Kallem(Affadavit)Independent
Sujith Gadepalli(Affadavit)Independent
Maggidi Narsaiah Mamidi(Affadavit)Independent
Gaddam Suman(Affadavit)Independent
Pedda Gangaram Turpu(Affadavit)Independent
Laxman Ganna(Affadavit)Independent
Ganganna Chilkuri(Affadavit)Independent
Praveen Neeradi(Affadavit)Independent
Natta Bavanna(Affadavit)Independent
Nadisharam Mallaiah(Affadavit)Independent
Komati Reddy Prashanth(Affadavit)Independent
Yellala Rajitha(Affadavit)Independent
Admala Mahipal Reddy(Affadavit)Independent
Hanmandlu Puppala(Affadavit)Independent
Madhusudan(Affadavit)Indian National Congress
Indian National Congress
Chakali Kondani Anjaiah(Affadavit)Pyramid Party Of India

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jagtial Assembly Constituency - #21

Elected MLA Name
Telangana Rashtra Samithi
ELection Date

karimnagar Deputy Commissioner

Sri Sarfaraz Ahmed, IAS

karimnagar Deputy Commissioner

Sri Sarfaraz Ahmed, IAS

karimnagar Commissioner of Police

Sri V.B. Kamalasan Reddy

karimnagar Commissioner of Police

Sri Kamalhasan Reddy

karimnagar District Fire Officer

Mr. T.Venkanna
Office of District Fire Officer, KARIMNAGAR, Kashmir Gadda Road, Karimanagar-505002, Telangana.

karimnagar District Agriculture Officer

Sri. V.Sridhar

karimnagar District Employment Officer

C.H. Umarani
R&B Quarters Opp. Govt. S.R.R Degree College,  Jagtial Road Karimnagar

nizamabad Lok Sabha Constituency

Lok Sabha MP Name
Kalvakuntla,smt. Kavitha
Permanent Address
H.No.8-2-310/A/31A, Flat No.202, Hilltop Residency, Plot No.214, Road No.14, Banjara Hills,
Delhi Address
23, Tuglak Road, New Delhi-110011