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  1. Megha Engineering got Rs 14,400 cr project in Mumbai month after Rs 140-cr bond purchase
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Summary of electoral bonds bought and given to

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First BondLast BondReceiver NameBonds BoughtTotal DenominationsAverage Denominations
16-Apr-201913-Oct-2023Bharatiya Janata Party584584,00,00,0001,00,00,000.0000
08-Oct-202113-Jul-2023Bharat Rashtra Samithi195195,00,00,0001,00,00,000.0000
29-Oct-202011-Jul-2022DRAVIDA MUNNETRA KAZHAGAM (DMK)8585,00,00,0001,00,00,000.0000
18-Nov-202217-Jul-2023Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party3737,00,00,0001,00,00,000.0000
31-Jan-202313-Oct-2023TELUGU DESAM PARTY2828,00,00,0001,00,00,000.0000
09-May-201917-Apr-2023Indian National Congress1818,00,00,0001,00,00,000.0000
10-Jan-202210-Jan-2022Janata Dal (united)1010,00,00,0001,00,00,000.0000
18-Apr-202318-Apr-2023Janata Dal (secular)55,00,00,0001,00,00,000.0000
20-Oct-202215-Apr-2023Janasena Party44,00,00,0001,00,00,000.0000

The data about electoral bonds shown here is given by Election Commission of India (ECI) on March 2024. This data was provided by the State Bank of India (SBI) following a directive from the Supreme Court (SC) of India. SBI was the exclusive issuer of electoral bonds. The SC ordered SBI to provide all its available electoral bonds transaction data that was between April 12, 2019, and January 24, 2024 (almost 5 years). Hence, the data shown here is only between these dates. This is not the full data of electoral bonds since 2018. We do not have the data between 2 January 2018 and 11 April 2019 (1 year), as SBI has not provided this data to ECI. We also have to assume that the data provided by SBI to ECI is correct and complete within the given time frame. Citizens are free to make their own conclusions.