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Contesting Candidates

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StateConstituencyDate of PollCandidateIncumbent Member of Parliament
Tamil NaduChennai SouthThursday, 18 April 2019J.jayavardhan(Affadavit)T.sumathy (a) Thamizhachi Thangapandian
Tamil NaduVelloreThursday, 18 April 2019Lalitha Lakshmi A.c.s(Affadavit)Senguttuvan,shri B.
Tamil NaduVelloreThursday, 18 April 2019Shanmugam .a.c(Affadavit)Senguttuvan,shri B.
Tamil NaduKrishnagiriThursday, 18 April 2019K.p.munusamy(Affadavit)Dr.a.chellakumar
Tamil NaduKrishnagiriThursday, 18 April 2019K.ashokkumar(Affadavit)Dr.a.chellakumar
Tamil NaduAraniThursday, 18 April 2019Elumalai V(Affadavit)Vishnu Prasad M K
Tamil NaduAraniThursday, 18 April 2019Rajarani E(Affadavit)Vishnu Prasad M K
Tamil NaduErodeThursday, 18 April 2019Manimaran G(Affadavit)Ganeshamurthi A
Tamil NaduErodeThursday, 18 April 2019Priya M(Affadavit)Ganeshamurthi A
Tamil NaduTiruppurThursday, 18 April 2019M.s.m.anandan(Affadavit)Subbarayan, K.
Tamil NaduTiruppurThursday, 18 April 2019A.lakshmi(Affadavit)Subbarayan, K.
Tamil NaduNilgirisThursday, 18 April 2019M. Thiyagarajan(Affadavit)Raja, A.
Tamil NaduChidambaramThursday, 18 April 2019Chandrasekar P(Affadavit)Thirumaavalavan Thol
Tamil NaduTheniThursday, 18 April 2019P. Raveendranath Kumar(Affadavit)Raveendranath Kumar, P
Tamil NaduThiruvallurThursday, 18 April 2019Venugopal (dr) .p(Affadavit)Dr.k.jayakumar
Tamil NaduKancheepuramThursday, 18 April 2019Maragatham K(Affadavit)Selvam.g
Tamil NaduKancheepuramThursday, 18 April 2019Kumaravel S(Affadavit)Selvam.g
Tamil NaduTiruvannamalaiThursday, 18 April 2019Agri Krishnamoorthy S SAnnadurai C N
Tamil NaduTiruvannamalaiThursday, 18 April 2019Jayapal SAnnadurai C N
Tamil NaduNamakkalThursday, 18 April 2019Kaliappan P(Affadavit)Chinraj A.k.p
Tamil NaduNamakkalThursday, 18 April 2019Rajah R.k(Affadavit)Chinraj A.k.p
Tamil NaduNilgirisThursday, 18 April 2019Saravanakumar. D(Affadavit)Raja, A.
Tamil NaduPollachiThursday, 18 April 2019Mahendran C(Affadavit)Shanmuga Sundaram. K
Tamil NaduPollachiThursday, 18 April 2019Arulselvi M(Affadavit)Shanmuga Sundaram. K
Tamil NaduPerambalurThursday, 18 April 2019Sivapathy N R(Affadavit)Dr.paarivendhar, T. R
Tamil NaduChidambaramThursday, 18 April 2019Dhanalakshmi C(Affadavit)Thirumaavalavan Thol
Tamil NaduMayiladuthuraiThursday, 18 April 2019Asaimani A(Affadavit)Ramalingam. S
Tamil NaduMayiladuthuraiThursday, 18 April 2019Santhoshkumar B(Affadavit)Ramalingam. S
Tamil NaduNagapattinamThursday, 18 April 2019M Saravanan(Affadavit)Selvaraj M
Tamil NaduNagapattinamThursday, 18 April 2019T Udhayakumari(Affadavit)Selvaraj M
Tamil NaduMaduraiThursday, 18 April 2019Raj Satyen V.v.r(Affadavit)Venkatesan S
Tamil NaduMaduraiThursday, 18 April 2019Boominathan C(Affadavit)Venkatesan S
Tamil NaduTenkasiThursday, 18 April 2019Dr.k.krishnasamy(Affadavit)Dhanush.m.kumar
Tamil NaduTenkasiThursday, 18 April 2019Dr.shyam.k.k.(Affadavit)Dhanush.m.kumar
Tamil NaduTirunelveliThursday, 18 April 2019Kamaraj(Affadavit)Gnanathiraviam S
Tamil NaduTirunelveliThursday, 18 April 2019Paul Manoj Pandian(Affadavit)Gnanathiraviam S
Tamil NaduThiruvallurThursday, 18 April 2019Minu.v(Affadavit)Dr.k.jayakumar
Tamil NaduSalemThursday, 18 April 2019Saravanan K R SParthiban.s.r
Tamil NaduSalemThursday, 18 April 2019Kavitha SParthiban.s.r
Tamil NaduChennai SouthThursday, 18 April 2019R.rajendra Babu(Affadavit)T.sumathy (a) Thamizhachi Thangapandian
Tamil NaduKarurThursday, 18 April 2019Thambidurai M(Affadavit)Jothimani S
Tamil NaduKarurThursday, 18 April 2019Paramasivam C(Affadavit)Jothimani S
Tamil NaduTheniThursday, 18 April 2019S.p.m. Syedkhan(Affadavit)Raveendranath Kumar, P
Tamil NaduPerambalurThursday, 18 April 2019Subramaniyan P(Affadavit)Dr.paarivendhar, T. R
Tamil NaduMayiladuthuraiThursday, 18 April 2019Asaimani. S(Affadavit)Ramalingam. S
Tamil NaduNagapattinamThursday, 18 April 2019Saravanan M(Affadavit)Selvaraj M
Tamil NaduNilgirisThursday, 18 April 2019Thiyagarajan, M.(Affadavit)Raja, A.
Tamil NaduPerambalurThursday, 18 April 2019Sivapathy, N.r(Affadavit)Dr.paarivendhar, T. R
Tamil NaduSalemThursday, 18 April 2019Saravanan.k.r.s(Affadavit)Parthiban.s.r
Tamil NaduTheniThursday, 18 April 2019Raveendranath Kumar, P(Affadavit)Raveendranath Kumar, P
Tamil NaduThiruvallurThursday, 18 April 2019Dr.p.venugopal(Affadavit)Dr.k.jayakumar
Tamil NaduTiruppurThursday, 18 April 2019Anandan, M.s.m.(Affadavit)Subbarayan, K.
Tamil NaduTiruvannamalaiThursday, 18 April 2019Agri Krishnamurthy S S(Affadavit)Annadurai C N
Tamil NaduVelloreThursday, 18 April 2019A.c. Shanmugam(Affadavit)Senguttuvan,shri B.
Tamil NaduTenkasiThursday, 18 April 2019Dr.krishnasamy.k(Affadavit)Dhanush.m.kumar

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