Kachugaon Block, Kokrajhar District, Assam

lower assam Divisional Commissioner

Shri A. Hussain,IAS
Email Address

lower assam Deputy Director of Employment

Shri T. Doungel
Email Address
Lower Assam Zone P.O.-Rehabari, Guwahati, Pin No. 781008, Dist.-Kamrup (M), Assam

kokrajhar District Agriculture Officer

18, Kokrajhar, Sri M.M.Swargiary, DAO, 9435026166, [email protected] gmail. com

kokrajhar Deputy Commissioner

Shri Partha Pratim Majumdar, ACS

kokrajhar District Employment Officer

Shri Dilip Das
Email Address
P.O.-Kokrajhar, Pin No. 783370, Dist.-Kokrajhar, Assam


  1. Anthaibari Vcdc
  2. Bairali Vcdc
  3. Balagaon Vcdc
  4. Ballimari Vcdc
  5. Barzabil Vcdc
  6. Bhomrabil Vcdc
  7. Bhorpur Vcdc
  8. Binnyakhata Vcdc
  9. Borobadha Vcdc
  10. Boshgaon Vcdc
  11. Burachara Vcdc
  12. Gambaribil Vcdc
  13. Gardenpur Vcdc
  14. Gongia Vcdc
  15. Haoriapet Vcdc
  16. Hatigarh Vcdc
  17. Jalleswari Vcdc
  18. Janaliagaon Vcdc
  19. Jaraguri Goladangi Vcdc
  20. Kachugaon Vcdc
  21. Kamalsingh Vcdc
  22. Kashaibari Vcdc
  23. Maktaigaon Vcdc
  24. Malaguri Vcdc
  25. Milon Bazar Vcdc
  26. Mojatigaon Vcdc
  27. Polashguri Vcdc
  28. Raikhumbati Vcdc
  29. Raimona Vcdc
  30. Sapkata Vcdc
  31. Simaltapu Vcdc
  32. Takhampur Vcdc

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